It is widely reported in the UK press and by MHCLG (Ministry of Housing, Communi4es, and Local Government) that the UK needs more housing, and greater diversity of housing tenure. This is what MDL’s proposals reflect, alongside a desire to continue our work on our masterplan of 2006. By building up within our cities, instead of out into the countryside, we make more efficient use of city-centre land. And by bringing more full time residents into a specific locale, we create dense, vibrant, economically active communities. We believe our proposals are appropriate to the evolving needs of the city, and reflect the same form of growth and development to that which is happening in other thriving city centres throughout in the UK.

In terms of traffic, parking, environment and overshadowing, we are pleased to refer interested parties to the detailed reports contained within our planning submission, which set out the position in respect of each of these facets of development.

We will be reviewing all comments on the application in due course, from both residents and statutory bodies, and we are currently holding meetings with planning officers, Councillors and other stakeholders in order to discuss our proposals in detail.

Do get in touch if you require any further information.