THE CONCEPT: Building tall slows suburban sprawl...

It is widely reported in the press that the UK is suffering from a housing crisis, and more homes are needed if we are to satisfy future demand.  When it comes to cities, our philosophy is to build tall in order to reduce urban sprawl.  Urban sprawl not only diminishes the amount of green space surrounding cities, but places greater pressure on the transport networks which then threatens air quality surrounding the city.  Well-connected, city-centre living offers a great opportunity to reduce urban sprawl by building up rather than out.  Offering well managed property for rent allows us to foster a community of live-in residents, who do not need to be reliant on the car as their primary means of transport.


Maritime Walk will be a 24 storey building with 223 apartments, ranging from studios to 3-beds. The building has been specifically designed for the private rental market and will come under professional management upon completion. This is a progressive and financially accessible approach, enjoyed in many other major UK cities and around the world.

The building is designed to appeal to a wide range of residents, from graduates and young professionals to entrepreneurs and business people – or anyone who just wants to enjoy life by the water, in a well-managed community of residents. Maritime Walk will offer high speed wifi/broadband, cycle workshop, ample cycle storage, a library/post room, fitness centre, residents’ kitchen and communal roof top gardens.  At ground floor, a co-working space is envisaged which will provide a flexible working environment to entrepreneurs, start up operations and anyone who ‘works on the run’.


The design team has undertaken a rigorous design process, tested and re-tested various form and massing options.  The final design delivers much-desired height, whilst also dividing the building elevations into three distinct parts – central, east and west.  North facing apartments will have an outstanding city view, and south facing apartments will overlook Southampton Water.  The penthouses and some dual aspect units will have the benefit of both.  Overall, the building proposed at Maritime Walk is a classical take on modern living, in a thriving waterside City.

The Past

Southampton has always been a maritime city with an international outlook.

The Present

Southampton is still the UK’s primary international port, providing essential global logistics services to the UK and the world, such as container shipping, ro-ro car transport and a base for the leisure cruise industry. In addition to this strong maritime focus, Southampton is home to two excellent universities, and the National Oceanographic Centre, located just a short distance away from Ocean Village.  Ocean Village currently sits at the edge of these focal points of technology and education, but sees our future as much more integral and connected.

The Future

By providing the facilities to support a dense and vibrant, mixed-use community, Ocean Village is poised to become the jewel in Southampton’s crown.  With its close connections to education and technology, alongside shopping, travel, transport and entertainment on the doorstep, the one thing missing is footfall and activity.  Providing 223 well-connected apartments for city residents will be the first step in creating the density that any location needs for it to thrive.

(Image of RAMSA residential building: an inspiration for well-designed, city-centre, waterfront living.)


Our public consultation closed on 23 April. Please check back on this website for further updates on our planning submissions.