What is Maritime Walk?

The MDL Group is excited to propose the development of Maritime Walk – an Art Deco inspired residential tower within Southampton’s popular, vibrant Ocean Village Estate. As well as building on the success of the recent Harbour Hotel development, the MDL Group also want to support Southampton City Council’s Local Plan by continuing to enhance and improve Ocean Village.

Maritime Walk will establish levels of quality and convenience that will encourage the use – and increase the value – of Ocean Village for decades to come.

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Our Vision

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The story so far

The MDL Group has been the freeholder of the 75 acre Ocean Village Estate since 2001. Under its guidance, Ocean Village has evolved over the years to become Southampton’s premier waterfront leisure destination for residents, visitors and tourists.

The development of Maritime Walk is the last phase of the 2006 Masterplan, which includes the now complete Harbour Hotel, a multistory car park and an Innovation Centre.

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The Development

Maritime Walk is a premium Art Deco inspired 25 story residential tower consisting of 222 rented apartments.

The vision is for the entire development to be owned and run by a professional management team, whose aspiration is to create a busy and connected community of residents.

The concept of the development is ‘build to rent’ – a system designed to meet local area affordability levels while providing a high quality, professionally managed alternative to the private rental market.

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